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Taming Circe

Κωδικός Προϊόντος: 9789606510519

When I started dealing with the emigrants of Distomo in America, I did not imagine the extent of the matter, nor that the life and history of each, would be a puzzle that had to be fit piece by piece. The effort to describe, to paint, to summaries a person’s life holds many surprises, while there is always the danger of misconceptions of the incidents that have taken place.
For anyone who loves people’s life stories it’s a nice wander, like becoming young Columbus who slowly discovers not the great continent, but the inner world of a man, once rich, sometimes poorer, something like a musical piece with small or large changes.
But there is another main reason that made me to start this unbelievable journey-quest. In my book «To warm the stones on the slopes of Distomo» presents the lives of the people of Distomo in the 20th century, with the habits, their traditions, their professional employment etc. So the life of immigrants in the same period of time system is an integral part of this story, it completes the above and is at the same time self-completed.